Thursday, August 27, 2009

boRandomizer 1.0

I've come across a few situations in which I really wanted a nice randomizer, on both an object level and component level. It helps you add some imperfections to your models when needed, and it's great when you've got a ton of objects to lay out, like leaves or grass. Anyway... I made this cool GUI for randomizing just about anything. It also lets you select attributes in the channel box, and randomize their values (useful for randomizing colors and other non-transformational attributes). It works across multiple objects and you can sync nodes/channels etc. To access a bunch of other options, right click on the Translate, Rotate, Scale, or Randomize buttons and you'll see a marking menu including options for X, Y, Z, rounding values, uniform scaling, absolute/relative, world/local/object (and gimbal for rotations). So check it out, it's handy.

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