Saturday, February 27, 2010

Frame Checker

I had a util in previous versions of boUtilities that found missing images in a sequence. Super helpful! except it only worked with 4 frame padding and a strict image.#.ext format. So I've updated boUtilities and provided a much more flexible python version of the frame checker. The new version allows automatic or controlled frame ranges and padding. It works with a much wider range of sequence naming formats and provides some useful output such as frame range summaries on both found and missing files. It was a fun lesson in more advanced reg exps (like using lookahead assertions), and there are still ways it can be improved, but for now... feel free to grab! (2.3)


  1. Very cool! I know you get thanked a lot - but I wanted to do it again and heap on the encouragement, keep up your great work. Whatever company gets you and all of your tools will be lucky, and I hope they don't demand all the cool things you make be for only them.

    Keep up the great work, Bo. Looking forward to having the chance to use some of these.

  2. great scripts
    keep up the good work
    have you removed the link for
    i cant find it for download
    i know there is a stand alone version for download but the python version will be really helpfull for embedding with maya.