Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Transform Tool Hotkeys for 2009

So I recently discovered that maya 2009 changed the functions of the w, e, and r hotkeys. They're still move, rotate, and scale of course, but a more specific function has been changed.

So for example with the move tool. When you first select something, and the move tool is on, the axes will be green red blue, and the center square will be yellow (signifying that middle mouse will move in all three axes). If you click on the green arrow it turns yellow (signifying that now middle mouse will only move in that axis.) Well the difference is that in 2008 and before, pushing 'w' again would reset the constraints (turn the center square yellow again), but now it does nothing. So if you want to go back to middle mouse working in all three axes, you have to click on the center square. I'm so used to being able to hit w and regain my middle mouse functionality that I went ahead and wrote a script to fix it. It's a part of boWorkspace.mel (which doesn't really contain anything else right now), so you can grab it if you want. Don't forget this is just for 2009 users.

For the more interested, the dumb technique that I used to fix this is just making the w, e, and r hotkeys switch to the select tool, then immediately the move, rotate, or scale tool (respectively). There is a small possibility that somewhere someday you may want to get rid of that, so there's a button in my script for setting everything back to default.

Check out the video for a representation of what I'm talkin about.