Tuesday, September 15, 2009

boRandomizer 1.1

So I realized that the channel randomizer in this script was only grabbing the main attributes (attributes directly on the object that is selected). I've modified it so that you can select attributes in the channel box from both the main object, shape, inputs and outputs. This is mainly so I can easily randomize values for things like blendShapes and poly operations... update's available on bohdon.com/scripts

Monday, September 14, 2009

Multi Blend Slider 2.1

Just updated the multi blend slider tool (part of boBlendShapes.mel) so that it works on both multiple targets and multiple bases (it also works if you select the actual blend shape nodes). I also changed the little marking menu to buttons, so you can easily click 0, .333, .5, .666, and 1. Anyhoo! Enjoy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Notepad ++ Mel Language

So I've gone through many text editors, and although Komodo is pretty much my favorite, Notepad ++ is undeniably quick and lite, and extremely easy to install on a usb flash drive. Writing User Defined Languages in Notepad ++ is extremely simple as I recently found out, so I decided to edit the 1.0.1 mel udl that has been floating around (on highend and other places).

I've added back quotes (`) as string delimiters, as well as signifying words that start with $ as variables (so you can easily find them!). I've also changed the default color scheme to something a little easier on the eyes and more appealing. Apparently there's no way to fix (enable) escaped string characters, so that's still a present glitch ("hello \"world\"!" is syntactically highlighted as two strings, not one).

Anyway, feel free to grab the plugin. If you have the most recent version of Notepad ++ you can also now grab my styles definition (the darker colored syntax highlighting seen below).

The insertExt.ini and userDefineLang.xml should go in the applications data folder which is usually in user/AppData or something similar. If you've installed npp on a flash drive, then chances are the app data folder is the Notepad ++ folder. The mel.xml goes in plugins, or plugins/APIs. Also, if you grab the Bo Style version, you'll need to put the Bo Style.xml in the themes folder, and choose it with the style configurator (Settings > Style Configurator), you should also enable global background color.